What's Next for the Website?

11 September 2018


Welcome to our new community website! We hope you enjoy your stay. The purpose of creating a new website was to provide a more exciting and interactive platform for you to keep in touch with everything tabletop gaming. Whether this be through competition, local events, or keeping in contact with others, we aim to provide a solid foundation upon which members of the club and the tabletop community can stay connected.

With that being said, our initial release is a little bare in comparison to the above claims. The intention here was to get the site to you as soon as possible, to replace the old website with something more visually pleasing that is easier to navigate. With that out of the way, we can now start working on the more interactive aspects of the site. Until then, there are still plenty of great features to enjoy. Head over to the events section to sign up for the latest tabletop events, keep an eye on the news feed to see what's coming next, or view results of the club championships through the home page. We even have historical results for those who have been around for some time!

Full Plans for the Future

Our plans for the future of the website are very ambitious! Below we have listed the features we would like to bring to you over the duration of the website project. This is not an exhaustive list, but rather the features we have deemed to be useful. More may be added or removed at a later day if something more appropriate pops up.

User Accounts
We are currently working on making user accounts. This is a registration and login process that will allow you, the user, to have an identity within our community. This will enable us to provide many other features that require an associated identity. More on this below.

Online Event Registration
Downloading entry forms, filling them out, and returning them to us can be quite a tedious process. With the user accounts mentioned above, you will be able to fill out your entry form online and submit it to us directly for approval!

Community Forums
What makes a community isn't just us, it's you! We would like to bring a community forum to the website to allow users to interact with one another, make announcements, and share their latest works. The possibilities are endless, sharing photos of your latest paintings, exciting new tournament lists, or meet new people to battle against.

Organised Battles
We are experimenting with the idea of allowing players to sign up, or express interest in having games on club night through the website. The premise behind this is to ensure players are able to find a game prior to meeting, so the ball can get rolling asap to maximise the use of the hall. This may also be helpful to meet new opponents, or to ensure you aren't left without an opponent.

We may be looking at running some competitions through the website in future. We haven't yet worked out the semantics, but we could look at things such as small in-house tournaments, painting/terrain competitions, or any other manner of competition. Your suggestions are always welcomed.

Online Event Payments
This one isn't set in stone, but we may in the future consider offering online payment to circumvent the tedium of bank transfers or physical payments. If we were to do this, we would use a secure third party provider, such as PayPal.

Once again, this list is certainly not exhaustive, and we are continually looking for ways to improve the website. More features will be coming in future that are not listed here. If you have a great idea for a feature you would like to see on the website going forward, check out the "Suggestions" section below.


We would love to hear from you if you have any exciting ideas on how to make the community website better or more interactive. Please put forward your suggestions to us at info@hamiltonimmortals.co.nz so we can check them out!

So what's next in the immediate future?

Right now we are working on bringing you user accounts, as these will provide a platform for many of the other features as well. We will prioritise from there based on what we decide is most beneficial to you.

Happy gaming, and we'll see you all on Monday!

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